Sustainability Management

Sustainability Management

Care in everything
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The Stena Group’s sustainability work is based on common guidelines with a vision, a code of conduct and policies. These guide the business units to act responsibly for sustainable development.


Stena has four focus areas as the basis for strategic sustainability work, to guide the Group forward. The four focus areas are the environment, safety & security, people, and society. The principle of delegated business acumen permeates the work in the Group and means that the operational sustainability work is carried out in the companies.



The central sustainability department coordinates the strategic work in the Group and contributes with inspiration, training, networking, and exchange of experience to support the sustainability managers in the business units. In 2023, a roadmap was established to guide the Group’s work on implementation of EU’s new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) with common processes and training initiatives.


The work on materiality analyses is well-established in Stena’s business units. These analyses have mapped the impact of the activities on people, society, and the surrounding environment. Based on the business units’ business model, its value chain and impact on society at large. In 2023, the work on developing a double materiality assessment that meets the coming requirements of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) began in all business units. This means that the financial impact on Stena must also be identified and assessed. Several business units completed the work in 2023 and all business units will complete their work in 2024.


All business units set targets and KPIs within the four focus areas, which are approved and followed up by the business units’ management teams and boards. Stena AB ensures that the business units report targets, KPIs and risks according to plan.  The central sustainability department regularly reports on developments to Stena AB’s Board of Directors.

Risk management

Stena has well-established methods and processes for analysing sustainability risks within the framework of the four focus areas. This is an integral aspect of each business unit’s overall risk work, which is carried out annually and reported to the central sustainability department.