Sustainability Management

Sustainability Management

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The sustainability work at Stena is based on a common set of values and a sustainability framework, SuStenability, which defines the overall agenda for all sustainability management within the Group. The aim is to ensure a clear direction, uniform structure and common processes for the entire Group.

The aim is to ensure a clear direction, uniform structure and common processes for the entire Group. The principle of delegated business acumen also permeates the view that sustainability activities should take place close to the business units, in order to leverage business opportunities, knowledge and experience, and translate them into concrete initiatives.


The central sustainability department is responsible for coordinating the strategic sustainability activities in the Group, and for supporting sustainability managers in the day-to-day sustainability activities that take place in the business units. There is also regular annual reporting on development to the Audit Committee under Stena’s Board of Directors.




Materiality analyses are performed on a regular basis by the business units, and include impacts on the business models and value chains, and on society in general. The results of the materiality analyses form the basis for setting measurable goals and KPIs, which are approved and followed up by the business units’ management groups and Boards of Directors. Based on the business units’ materiality analyses, Stena has four focus areas as the basis for strategic sustainability work, to guide the Group forward. The four focus areas are the environment, safety & security, people and society.


All business units adopt targets and KPIs in the four areas. The business units’ identification and analysis of sustainability risks is reported to the central sustainability department on an annual basis.


Stena has well-established risk analysis methods and processes, as work conducted by the respective business units. Sustainability risks are identified and analysed on an annual basis. This is an integral aspect of each business unit’s overall risk activities, with focus on the environment, personnel, social conditions, human rights and anti-corruption


The central sustainability department and the business units’ sustainability managers form the SuStenability network, which meets a number of times a year for the exchange of experience and for training in the field of sustainability.