Stena Finance

Stena Finance

Stena is financially stronger than ever before

Stena Finance, the Group’s central finance department, is headquartered in Göteborg. Stena Finance is responsible for the Stena Group’s financing and liquidity planning, as well as managing the operational business units’ financial risks in the fixed income, currency and oil markets, and managing the Group’s financial investments.

Summary of 2023

Financial gains in 2023, combined with successful refinancing of bonds and long-term hedging of interest expenses, make the Stena Group more financially stable than ever before.


In an unstable environment the downturn in the economy during the year turned out to be less than expected. The sharp interest rate increases in 2023 were slowed down and interest rate levels stabilised at the end of the year.


Financial strategy

Stena Finance’s primary task is to manage the Stena Group’s financing and liquidity planning, and manage the risks associated with the cyclical and capital-intensive activities operating in global markets.


The financial strategy is focused on ensuring high liquidity and positive cash flows. Stena strives for a long-term and stable return on capital. The Group also has a diversified business portfolio that includes both B2B and the consumer market, which ensures balanced exposure to various economic cycles.


Long-term secured financing

Strong financial performance in 2023 increased liquidity from SEK 19 billion to SEK 23 billion. To ensure long-term stability, bonds were refinanced and 90 per cent of interest expenses are hedged until 2029.


“The Group’s finances haven’t been as balanced since 2016 – and we’re now stronger than ever before. We will endeavour to normalise liquidity to around SEK 15 billion, which is a level we consider reasonable,” comments Peter Claesson, director of finance.

Emissions Trading System for shipping

During 2023, Stena Finance developed an internal system and established procedures to effectively manage the requirements under the EU’s Emissions Trading System (ETS) for shipping, which comes into force in 2024.


“There are significant financial challenges associated with ship operations in the future, given the uncertainty of availability and competition for future fuels. However, Stena is well-­positioned to meet the new requirements from the EU,” comments Peter Claesson.