A corporate culture characterised by care

Stena strives to be an attractive employer. In a fast-moving and changing world, continuous learning is an increasingly important success factor.


Stena employs around 17,400 people worldwide. The Group’s focus on caring for all employees lays the foundation for long-term profitable business that also contributes to positive development in society.


Stena cares about being a good employer, and seeks to attract and retain dedicated employees with the right skills and qualifications and a strong willingness to learn.


Important success factors at Stena are fair and attractive working conditions, equity, diversity and continuous learning characterised by curiosity, and the opportunity to share knowledge and learn from others.


Sustainability month sparks inspiration for the future

In October 2023, ten Stena companies organised a sustainability month, in which a large number of employees participated. The purpose was to increase knowledge and share good examples with each other. This was accomplished through a comprehensive programme with various activities, including visit to the hybrid vessel Stena Germanica, lectures on human rights, and study visits to one of Stena Property’s neighbourhoods to learn from their work on social sustainability.

Our ambition

Empowering people

  • Engaged and curious employees
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Transformative leadership
  • Continuous learning


Stena has adopted a Group-wide People Policy as the overall framework for employee issues that lays the foundations for a corporate culture characterised by care.

The policy is in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for Decent Work, Economic Growth and Gender Equality and states that all employees should support and respect the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Based on the Group’s People Policy, each business unit has the opportunity to adapt its policy work according to its own operations.

Goals and Results

Equity and diversity

All of Stena’s business units have the long-term goal of achieving gender-equal boards and management teams. Both genders shall be represented in succession planning on recruitment to senior positions and on the appointment of new board members. The Group is actively working on gender equality, including through a network for female managers.


Diversity in the workplace is an important success factor for creativity and innovation. Stena AB’s Diversity & Inclusion Council (D&I) is responsible for continuously raising the issues in all business units. Initiatives taking place in the business units are reported to D&I. The goal is for each business unit to undertake at least one to three activities annually. In 2023, the majority of the business units fulfilled the goal. Stena AB also provides training in psychological safety and inclusion.

Expertise development

Stena aims to be an employer that promotes continuous learning and creativity. Stena annually invests around SEK 160 million in staff training and more than 1,000 managers have participated in Stena’s internally developed leadership programmes.


Stena’s training portal Learning at Stena was developed during the year, with a focus on increasing knowledge and providing inspiration for continuous learning, and presenting common initiatives.


Employee survey

Stena’s annual employee survey, Stena Pulse, is a tool that is based on how good leadership and a good working environment contribute to dedicated employees, who help to ensure strong customer relationships and long-term profitability. Within the framework of Stena Pulse there is an extensive database for benchmarking against companies in different industries. The results from Stena Pulse are handled at departmental level. Each department is responsible for developing improvement measures and an action plan. The work on action plans is followed up at Group level.


Stena Pulse – it starts with you

The results of the 2023 employee survey are presented in the table below, where two new index, Management and Inclusion and Diversity, were added in 2023. The survey shows an increase in all indices compared to the previous year. Stena’s results from the external benchmarking  are also strong, and are in line with the highest level of “high performance” for all indices, with the exception of eNPS, which measures employer branding and loyalty, and this index is also well above the benchmark. Among other things, the positive development can be linked to  well-­functioning follow-up with group discussions and measures.


Stena Pulse’s 2023 results made Stena AB one of three finalists in the Brilliant Awards, in the Employer of the Year category. To qualify for this nomination, the company must have a response rate of at least 80 per cent and have achieved its greatest improvement within the Engagement index.




All business units annually analyse and report their risks to Stena AB. Below is a summary of the business unit’s most significant risks in the area of People.



In the Employee area, Stena influences and contributes to achieving the following goals:

5. Gender Equality 8. Decent work and economic growth
Read more about all our UN Sustainable Development Goals here