Continuous learning strengthens the business

Stena’s operations are characterised by care. An inclusive corporate culture based on diversity is encouraged at all levels within Stena. The Stena Group has around 15,200 employees worldwide.


Stena employs around15,400 people worldwide. The Group’s focus on caring for all employees lays the foundation for long-term, sustainable and successful business.



Stena wants to give all employees the opportunity for continuous learning by offering a corporate culture that encourages curiosity and the opportunity to both share knowledge and learn from others. All employees must have the opportunity to develop their talents and achieve their full potential.


Increasing digitalisation is an area that requires employees to develop as their work tasks change. Stena encourages continuous skills development in this area, to ensure that the right skills are in the right place. Stena annually invests more than SEK 150 million in training for its employees and almost 750 managers have participated in one of Stena’s internally developed leadership programmes. In 2021, digital training courses were developed to ensure skills development during the pandemic.


Focus on diversity and inclusion

Diversity in the workplace is an important success factor for creativity and innovation. An inclusive corporate culture is, in turn, a prerequisite for diversity and contributes to attracting and retaining the breadth that Stena seeks to achieve.

Reduced inequalities

All of Stena’s business units have the long-term goal of achieving gender-equal Boards and management teams. Stena ensures that both genders are represented in succession planning, in all recruitment for managerial positions and in the appointment of new Board members. Several of the companies have increased the proportion of women on their Boards since 2020.

Fair and favourable working conditions

At Stena, there must always be fair and favourable working conditions, with equal opportunities for everyone.


Stena has zero tolerance of any form of differential treatment and/or discrimination on the basis of gender, age, nationality or ethnic origin, pregnancy, illness or functional impairment, religion, sexual orientation, trade union membership or political affiliation. Stena also has zero tolerance of harassment and abuse, and does not accept any form of violence, threats or destructive behaviour at the workplace.


Stena wants to give all employees good opportunities to thrive in their jobs by offering a good work-life balance and through various wellness initiatives.

Annual employee survey

Stena conducts an annual employee survey – Stena Pulse – which is a modern and research-based tool. The method is presented in the diagram below. It is based on sound leadership and a good working environment as the basis for dedicated employees and good customer relations that increase growth and profitability.


The Pulse tool also provides a large database for benchmarking that enables comparison with companies in different industries. The results of the 2021 employee survey are presented in the table below.


Stena Pulse Employee survey


Stena Pulse results