Coordination Group

The Stena Sphere Coordination Group represents the management of each Business Area.

Portrait man

Peter Claesson

Director, Stena Finans

Portrait woman

Cecilia Fasth

MD, Stena Property

Blonde, smiling woman wearing a suit

Annika Hult

Deputy CEO, Stena AB

Markus Lindbom

Head of Shipping

Portrait of a smiling man wearing glasses and a suit

Niclas Mårtensson

MD, Stena Line

Portrait of Dan Sten Olsson

Dan Sten Olsson

CEO, Stena AB

Portrait man

Erik Ronsberg

MD, Stena Drilling

Kristofer Sundsgård

CEO, Stena Metall

Smiling man wearing a suit

Anders Wassberg

MD, Stena Adactum