Positive social development, globally and locally

Stena’s ambition is to be an active and committed corporate citizen that contributes to positive social development.


Stena contributes important functions in society and has the ambition to always act responsibly in every part of the value chain and to conduct its operations according to sound business principles. Issues such as good business ethics, respect for human rights and initiatives that counteract social instability in society are fundamental to Stena’s work.


Young people’s hopes for the future gets a voice

According to a comprehensive meta study conducted on behalf of Stena Property in 2022, young people’s future faith is significantly stronger than it is generally portrayed. The study also shows that faith in the future is strong, regardless of socioeconomic background, ethnicity, or gender. A positive force that Stena Property intends to take advantage of!


Around 15,000 children and young people under the age of 25 live in Stena Property’s neighbourhoods. The company strives to create the best possible conditions for them to realise their dreams. In 2023, Stena Property, together with photographer Johan Bävman, spread knowledge about young people’s hopes for the future through a unique photo and film exhibition that portrays ten young people in environments where they feel at home. At the exhibition staged in Malmö, Landskrona and Göteborg, they openly shared their thoughts about the future.



“The future lives with us – it’s so incredibly inspiring to listen to and get the chance to work with the young people who contribute to various initiatives in the form of holiday work, graduation jobs, and internships with us. There’s too little attention to all the talents who grow up and have big dreams and high ambitions – it’s our opportunity and duty to help them make their dreams come true!” Cecilia Fasth, MD, Stena Property


Stena is now inviting other companies to use the exhibition in their activities, in order to spread knowledge and increase dialogue in society about young people’s hopes for the future.

Our ambition

Contributing to society

  • Sustainable and useful products and services
  • Ethical business acumen
  • Responsible sourcing
  • Care for partners and society


Stena’s Code of Conduct states how the Stena Group is to act in order to live up to its values and commitments. The Code of Conduct concerns the environment, social conditions, human rights, people, and anti-corruption.


The Code of Conduct is an integrated element of the employment contract and part of the introductory programme for new employees. It also concerns relationships with business partners, and how Stena reserves the right to withdraw from a relationship if a partner does not live up to the principles for good business conduct.


All business units have implemented Stena’s Code of Conduct. and some business units have their own more extensive codes of conduct.


In 2023, Stena adopted a Group-wide Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy. Anti-corruption is a matter of trust and a prerequisite for sustainable business. Stena must prevent all forms of corruption, including conflicts of interest and money laundering.

Goals and results

To ensure understanding and compliance with the Code of Conduct, there is a digital training course taken regularly by the Group’s employees. In 2023, the majority of the Group’s employees completed the training course.


The Group’s whistleblower function fulfils an important function in capturing possible corruption cases. No cases were reported during the year via the Group’s central whistleblower function. To further strengthen awareness and increase know­ledge of anti-corruption throughout the Group, a digital training course was launched during the year and is available to Stena’s employees.


Stena supports and respects the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It includes zero tolerance of any form of forced labor and child labor, or use of illegal manpower for the production of goods or services, within Stena and in the activities of suppliers and business partners.


Each business unit sets its own long-term and short-term goals based on the business’ significant impacts on society.


All business units annually analyse and report their risks to Stena AB. Below is a summary of the business unit’s most significant risks in the area of Society.


In the Society area, Stena influences and contributes to achieving the following goals:

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities 17. Partnerships for the goals

Read more about all our UN Sustainable Development Goals here