Positive social development, globally and locally

Stenas ambition is to be an active and committed corporate citizen that contributes to positive social development.


Stena contributes important functions to society and has the ambition to always act responsibly in every part of the value chain and to conduct its operations according to sound business principles. Issues such as good business ethics, respect for Human Rights and initiatives that counteract social instability in society are fundamental to Stena’s work.


Code of Conduct

Stenas Code of Conduct describes how Stena is to act in order to fulfil its values and commitments concerning among other things the environment, social conditions, personnel, human rights and anti-corruption.

All business units have implemented Stena’s Code of Conduct.


Stena supports and respects the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This includes zero tolerance of any form of forced labour and child labour, or use of illegal manpower for the production of goods or services, within Stena and in the activities of suppliers and business partners. Stena’s Code of Conduct states how the Stena Group is to act in order to live up to its values and commitments. The Code of Conduct concerns among other things the environment, social conditions, Human Rights, people and anti-corruption.


It also concerns relationships with business partners, and how Stena reserves the right to withdraw from a relationship if a partner does not live up to the principles for good business conduct. All business units have implemented Stena’s Code of Conduct, and some business units have also produced their own codes of conduct and codes of conduct for suppliers.


The Code of Conduct is an integrated element of the employment contract and part of the introductory programme for new employees.

Goals and results

Each business unit sets its own long-term and short-term goals based on the business’ significant impacts on society.


No cases deemed to be corruption were reported during the year via the central whistleblower function.


Stena has well-established sustainability risk analysis. These are conducted by each business unit on an annual basis and reported to the central sustainability department. All business units analyse and report on risks associated with corruption and Human Rights annually to Stena AB. Below is a summary of the business unit’s most significant risks in the area of Society.



In the area of Society, Stena influences and contributes to achieving the following goals:
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities 17. Partnerships for the goals

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