Stena as an owner

Stena as an owner

Long-term and responsible owner

By taking a long-term approach, with focus on care in everything we do, Stena’s business units deliver services for society both onshore and offshore. By balancing independent business units with a shared Group framework, we create a successful dynamic.

Stena AB is an active, responsible owner with access to the expertise necessary to create good development in values over time. Within Stena AB´s organisation, through our own experience and partnerships, this expertise is gathered within business development, financing, IT, accounting, HR, internal governance and inspection, sustainability, communication and procurement. Stena AB organises and encourages contact and collaboration between companies, in order to enhance the benefits of being part of a large Group.



Each business is based on a clear business idea. While emphasising the importance of the independence and active business acumen of the business units, the work must adhere to adopted systems and processes, so that Stena can guarantee good performance throughout the Group.


Our vision to “Always be the customer’s first choice and quality-assured partner” requires us to safeguard the company’s and the world’s resources. We contribute to this vision by participating in value-creating activities – often together with our customers.


By maintaining good contact with our customers and the world around us we nurture our growing trust. By doing this we create more and better business – and more satisfied customers.


By using our expertise, we will make money from our business areas: shipping, ferry lines, offshore, real estate and finance. We will also continue to create new business areas for the future.

We will take care of our most important long-term assets, our customers, in such a way that we contribute to their – and society’s – positive development.


Never wasting our own or the world’s resources is a Stena trademark.