Key performance indicators

Key performance indicators


Below are the outcomes for a selection of the Group’s key figures within the four focus areas.


Total amount of carbon emissions from the Group´s vessels by business unit. In 2021, emissions increased due to increased activity.


Diagram co2 emissions



CO2 emissions per nautical mile (M) and year for Stena Line, Stena Bulk and Stena RoRo. Emissions remain stable for the entire fleet, despite larger vessels and more cargo during the year.


Diagram co2 emissions nautical mile


The use of onshore power supply is increasing, which leads to reduced carbon emissions.


Diagram increased use of on shore power reduces emissions

The reduction in carbon emissions through the use of onshore power is equivalent to around 8,400 diesel cars´ carbon emissions in one year.



Oil spills

The year´s total number of oil spills resulted in emissions totalling 531 litres.


Oil spills table


Stena Property produced 1,000 new sustainable homes during the year.
Stena Line currently has 18 ferry lines that connects Europe.

The Group employs more than 15,400 employees worldwide.

Safety & Security

Safety is one of the first items on the agenda at all Board meetings in the maritime business units. LTIF is an important metric for this safety aspect. The majority of the business units achieved their targets and improved their LTIF performance during the year.


LTIF table


Women on Boards of Directors (%)


Women on boards of directors