Stena creates sustainable value today and in the future through our care and respect for people, capital, society, and the surrounding environment.
Stena ensures sustainable value creation by delivering functions that are important to society on land and at sea, and through dedicated employees, who constantly seek to contribute to positive social development.
Through care, innovation and effective performance, we achieve our goal of always being the customer’s first choice.

Value creation

Stena contributes to value creation and society's development.

Stena as an owner

Stena adheres to the principle of delegated business responsibility.

Stena´s contribution to society

Stena has a longstanding tradition as an active member of society.

CEO Comments

At the end of each year, our cash is counted and our future assessed

“In a turbulent world, we need to understand the severity of the situation and have the ability to be both cautious and brave.” Dan Sten Olsson. Göteborg, 28 March 2024.


Our fleet totals 131 vessels and drilling rigs. Stena also manages 28,900 residential units and commercial premises.


The Stena Sphere consists of the three parent companies, Stena AB, Stena Sessan AB and Stena Metall AB


The foundations for the Stena Group were laid in 1939 when the Sten A Olsson Metallprodukter was founded.