Stena’s core values

Stena’s core values


The ability to survive and to create lasting value requires foresight, business responsibility and sustained focus.


In order to be the customer’s first choice and preferred partner, we have to be a leader in everything we do. We are convinced that we will succeed if we all live our values.


Responsibility in our business relationships 

  • By building long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers and subcontractors, we are committed to delivering high quality and best-value services. We will meet the highest safety standards. Trust is the basis for all our relationships in society.
  • We are committed to meeting our customers’ expectations with regard to responsible business practices. 
  • We have high principles for corporate social responsibility, which we share with our business partners. We may withdraw from a business relationship if we feel that the standards we uphold are not being met by a business partner. 


Customer relationship 

  • Always the customer’s first choice 
  • Leader in quality and quality assured partners 
  • Always efficient and effective with our own and others’ resources 
  • A clearly delegated business responsibility 


Core values

  • Stena’s core values are Customer satisfaction, Quality, Dedicated employees, Innovation and Results. 
  • Customers’ experience of Stena must be so positive that customers come back to do more business with us. We always deliver the product or service that we promised. Conducting safe operations is the most important way that we can show how we care for other people. 
  • We encourage new ideas – continuous innovation is one of the factors that helped us to achieve the position we hold today. Our ambition is to work for the next generation. If we always do our best, and respect other people, capital and the world around us, the pressures within the company will diminish and it will be easier to create sustainable values. Care drives our awareness of and attention to activities and performance. 


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