Northern Marine Group

Northern Marine Group

Intensive work to ensure ship crewing

Northern Marine Group (NMG), headquartered in Glasgow, provides services in the form of technical management, crewing and marine services to the Stena Group, as well as external customers in the marine and offshore industry. NMG provides employment for around 4,900 people around the world, most of whom work onboard ships. NMG’s considerable international pool of seafarers work onboard different types of vessels, in collaboration with experienced shore-based managerial personnel. NMG’s comprehensive onshore infrastructure consists of a large network of strategically located offices and training centres. Through training centres and customised competence solutions, NMG seeks to be the main strategic partner to the international marine and offshore industries. Vessel management and crewing and the company’s other service offerings, which include marine supply, marine quality assurance and more, ensure transport of fuels and energy around the world.

Summary of 2022

The logistical challenges surrounding manning of vessels continued to affect Northern Marine Group’s international pool of seafarers in 2022. The reasons were the conflict in Ukraine and continued Covid restrictions in Asia.



In 2022, NMG took important new steps in its efforts, together with the shipping industry, to reduce emissions in the industry. Among other things, several new vessels that can run on alternative fuels, were welcomed into the managed fleet.


Other important events included two new service partnerships within maritime education, one of which is a cadet course in collaboration with the City of Glasgow College – one of the UK’s leading institutions for maritime education. A new, customised training programme for Stena Line’s deck officers was also launched in 2022. The purpose of the training is to ensure that the officers live up to the high competence requirements. In parallel, the first year was concluded at NMG’s dedicated Renewables training centre.


Demand for services to energy giants Chevron and ExxonMobil increased during the year.


“This is a testament to the confidence in NMG’s ability to offer support with both the energy transition and the need to ensure society’s access to reliable energy,” comments Philip Fullerton, MD, NMG.


The company supplies ExxonMobil with employees for operations both offshore and onshore. In 2022, NMG’s subsidiary Maritime Global Services (MGS) successfully completed its first business year. MGS offers marine quality assurance services to ExxonMobil’s shipping operations, ensuring that ships comply with the necessary operating and safety regulations when transporting cargo for ExxonMobil.


Collaboration on technology was also established between NMG and Provaris Energy in 2022, to support the development of compressed hydrogen as a fuel.


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and continued Covid restrictions in Asia presented new logistical challenges for NMG crews and crewing operations. Teams in staffing departments all over the world worked intensively to ensure that crews could board the vessels and return home after completing their assignments.


Access to energy became a challenge for many countries, causing trade patterns and shipping routes to change in 2022, and NMG adapted its operations accordingly. Higher demand for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) increased the pressure to maximise ship operation and minimise the time vessels were out of service for dry dock or other reasons.


There is intense recruitment competition as a consequence of the changed global demand for energy. To be a more attractive employer, NMG offers modern and flexible working conditions, such as hybrid working for employees onshore and competitive wages for seafarers, as well as wide-ranging personal development opportunities of NMG’s seafarers


In 2022, there was sustained focus on the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) changes to the environmental regulations for shipping, and also on the new carbon emission legislation that applies to existing vessels as from 2023. Many customers ask for advice on this and work with NMG to achieve compliance. In parallel, work continued to achieve a more sustainable energy infrastructure outside shipping operations, including floating LNG terminals offered through Stena Power & LNG Solutions.

Sustainability Performance

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Goal: >90%

The company uses “Retention rate” as a key ratio to monitor its ability to retain employees.


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