Each business within the Stena AB Group is based on a clear ownership philosophy. The businesses must adhere to Stena's principles, convictions and basic values by translating them into their own operative terms.

Stena Line

One of the world's leading ferry operators, with 40 vessels serving 18 routes in Northern Europe. Stena Line also owns five ports and controls a further ten. The company is an important part of the European logistics network, offering intermodal freight solutions that combine rail, road and marine transport.

Stena Drilling

One of the world's leading independent drilling contractors. The company is also a pioneer within innovation and technical development in the offshore industry, after several successful newbuilding and conversion projects. Today, the fleet comprises four drillships and two semi-submersible drilling rigs, operating in a global market.


Stena Bulk

With a fleet of 75 owned, chartered and managed tankers in global traffic, Stena Bulk is one of the world's leading tanker operators. The business concept is to offer secure, innovative and cost-effective marine transport of crude oil, refined petroleum products, chemicals and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas).

Stena RoRo

Builds and charters out RoRo and RoPax vessels, and is an important link in society's chain by enabling efficient and sustainable freight transport. RoRo vessels carry wheeled cargo, primarily lorries, creating bridges at sea all over the world. On the RoPax vessels, load capacity is combined with all of the facilities offered by modern vessels to their passengers.

Northern marine group

Provides technical, personnel and administrative services for vessel owners and crews in the Stena Group, and also to external customers in the marine, offshore and renewables industries. NMG's considerable multinational pool of seafarers work onboard different types of vessels, in collaboration with experienced shore-based managerial personnel.

Stena teknik

A technical resource for Stena's maritime-related business units, committed to increasing their competitiveness and developing techniques to operate the Group's vessels on a secure, sustainable and effective basis. Stena Teknik plays a central role in the Stena Group's work to contribute to the shipping sector's vision of climate-neutral transport, with net zero emissions by 2050.

Stena Property

One of Sweden's largest privately-owned property companies. It owns and manages approximately 2.4 million square metres in around 26,300 residential properties, and 3,800 commercial premises in the metropolitan regions of Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö. The portfolio also consists of commercial properties in other countries.

Stena adactum

Stena AB's wholly-owned investment company. The investment model is based on acquiring companies with good potential for growth and profitability, and then taking the next step of developing and strengthening their operations as an active partner. Stena Adactum's strategy is based on long-term ownership.

Stena Finance

Stena Finance's main task is to manage the Stena Group's financing and liquidity planning in both the short and long term. Stena Finance manages the operational business units' financial risks in the fixed-income, currency and oil markets, and also manages the Group's financial investments. Another important role is to serve as a resource in the identification, analysis and development of new business.