Each business within the Stena AB Group is based on a clear ownership philosophy.
The businesses must adhere to Stena's principles, convictions and basic values by translating them into their own operative terms.

Stena Line

Operates ferry traffic as an important part of the European logistics network and infrastructure. As a reliable link between people and places, they ensure that 2 million freight units and 7 million people reach their destination safely every year.

Stena Drilling

Contributes to safe and efficient energy supply by providing drilling units and related services for the oil and gas exploration industry. Also provides services for decommissioning oil fields, thereby restoring the environment on the seabed.


Stena Bulk

Tanker shipping company that transports crude oil, refined petroleum products, bioliquids, chemicals and natural gas on 69 ships all over the world. Helps to safely and energy-efficiently increase the global supply of energy and other raw materials.

Stena RoRo

Develops, builds, charters out, and converts vessels for rolling cargo and passengers (RoRo and RoPax) for the Stena Sphere and for customers all over the world. Active developer and designer of vessels with fossil-­free propulsion.

Northern marine group

Offers technical and maritime staffing services within the Stena Group, and to external customers in the maritime, offshore and renewable industries. Employs 4,800 people from all over the world.

Stena teknik

Stena Teknik supports the maritime companies within the Stena Group in developing safe, sustainable, energy-efficient, and innovative solutions. Works actively to ensure that the Stena Group’s technical solu-tions contribute to a sustainable future with a reduced climate impact.

Stena Property

One of Sweden’s largest private property companies that creates security and social stability through Relationship management as a way of working. Owns and manages around 27,000 apartments and 1,900 commercial premises.

Stena adactum

Long-term investments in listed and unlisted companies. Diversifies the Stena Group’s operations and creates new business areas with the aim of doubling the value of invested capital every five years.

Stena Finance

Stena Finance, the Group’s central finance department, responsible for the Stena Group’s financing and liquidity planning, as well as managing the operational business units’ financial risks in the fixed income, currency and oil markets, and managing the Group’s financial investments.