Innovative Solutions

During the year, the Group undertook strategic development within digitalisation and AI in order to strengthen future competitiveness and contribute to a more professional way of working for employees and customers. Below is a selection of initiatives within the Group.


AI policy at Group level

Stena is actively addressing the AI and Governance challenges through a new policy that was adopted in December 2023. The policy is designed to ensure effective and ethical use of AI within the Group and is in line with the company’s values and legal standards. All Stena companies are obliged to implement appropriate procedures to comply with AI regulations and to report any violations in accordance with the policy.

Efficient heating optimisation for Stena Property’s homes

In 2023, Stena Property successfully implemented AI-based heating control for all 27,000 apartments in Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö. By predicting weather conditions and adapting heating to demand, the AI algorithm ensures more efficient control that provides a more stable indoor climate and contributes to a significant reduction of energy consumption and climate footprint. This was developed very quickly from a pilot property to full-scale application within less than two years

The customer journey in focus for Stena Property

Stena Property’s pioneering digital customer journey has required rapid development, with the ‘My Pages’ platform setting a new standard for customer experience in the industry. Since the launch in 2022, customer service phone calls have been reduced fourfold, and 80 per cent of all cases are now handled digitally. To achieve this, the company has worked to reduce digital exclusion, through training in the use of digital services and by ensuring free access to broadband for all residents.

Cooperation for innovation in shipping

Stena’s maritime operations are at the forefront in using AI technology in several areas. For example in ports and booking systems, as well as navigation and optimisation of ship operations to reduce climate impact. The collaboration with AI Sweden strengthens this work and promotes innovation and value creation.


“By joining AI Sweden and its network, we are well-positioned to learn from and collaborate with many other companies on the same journey, to discover how we can best use AI, and also deepen our understanding of future development.”Ken Ryrbo, contact person for Stena Line in collaboration with AI Sweden.