Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Safety and security for all

At Stena, safety always comes first. The proactive and systematic work is about ensuring a safe and secure environment for everyone.


Offering a safe and secure environment to employees and customers, including passengers and tenants, and in relation to freight, is a top priority for Stena. Safety issues are always top of mind in the Group’s various activities that take place in demanding environments, onboard vessels, at shipyards and construction sites, and on rigs all over the world. Stena conducts continuous proactive safety work to increase awareness of safety in its business units.


Safety onboard in an uncertain world

Since autumn of 2023, the escalation of the geopolitical conflict in the Middle East has increasingly affected the shipping industry and is causing major disruptions to the world’s supply of goods as approximately 12% of world trade passes through the Suez Canal and the Red Sea.


Stena has a track record of maintaining a high level of security and safety on board for seafarers, passengers, and cargo. When a ship approaches areas of safety concern strict processes and procedures are applied to voyage planning and reliable situational intelligence is continuously monitored. This ensures reliable information flow on the safety situation together with ongoing direct contact with the crew on board.


In 2023, Stena’s close collaboration with both commercial and governmental actors has been further strengthened to enable continuous monitoring of the security situation. In order to quickly and efficiently implement the necessary measures when needed. The dedicated work to maintain high safety standards has been successful. During 2023, no incidents caused by attacks in the Red Sea have occurred on Stena’s vessels.

Our ambition

Increasing safety & security

  • Zero work-related injuries
  • Zero accidents
  • Strong information security resilience


The following Group-wide policies covers safety and security issues, Safety and Environment Policy, Security Policy, and Information Security Policy. In accordance with the Safety and Environment Policy, all Stena employees must contribute to ensuring a proactive safety culture and be encouraged to participate actively in various initiatives and continuous training. Besides Group-wide policies, there are also additional business-specific policies adapted to the needs and conditions of the various companies. Safety issues are at the top of the agenda in maritime operations, and as a minimum, Stena adheres to the national and international conventions governing the safety of human life at sea.


Stena aims to provide a safe environment for all employees, and the goal is no work-related injuries or accidents to occur. Proactive work to achieve this goal is underway in all parts of the business. Follow-up of relevant key performance indicators for safety, including LTIF (an established key performance indicator in the area), is regularly considered by the management and board of directors of each business unit.

Stena also has a Group-wide crisis team with overall coordination responsibility for increased emergency measures in the event of crises affecting all or several parts of the Group.


All business units annually analyse and report their risks to Stena AB. Below is a summary of the business unit’s most significant risks in the area of Safety & Security.


In the area of Safety & Security, Stena influences and contributes to achieving the following goals:

8. Decent work and economic growth

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