Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility

Benefits local communities and global development

Stena has a long-standing tradition as an active member of society. The Group’s stability and long-term viability benefit from the strategy of operating in different sectors that, today and in the future, together contribute to important functions in society.


In addition, our dedicated employees are constantly striving to find innovative solutions that help solve the societal challenges we face – both in the short and long term. This includes everything from climate crisis to jobs for young people and support to the war-struck population in Ukraine.


Care, effective performance and innovation are Stena’s key success factors – today and in the future. For a group like Stena, which operates in a global market with many different activities, there are constant new opportunities to contribute to both the local community and global development.


Many initiatives concern the climate crisis and the energy transition we are facing. In addition to the shipping-related projects in which Stena plays an important role – such as the assessment of alternative vessel fuels and electric propulsion of vessels – Stena is also involved in the strong expansion of wind power in southern Sweden. In addition, Stena contributes to greater economic growth in the societies in which it operates, via the taxes paid and by creating employment for thousands of people all over the world.



  • Connecting Europe by enabling people to travel and trade to flourish.
  • Secure transport of energy resources and other important products on which our modern society relies.
  • Well-trained seafarers who make it possible for Stena’s shipping activities and other shipping companies to provide safe and efficient maritime transport.
  • Safe and secure homes of good quality for many families.
  • Innovative technological development in the maritime industry.
  • Sustainable products and services demanded by the market in various industries.



Following the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Stena Line decided to assist Ukrainians who were forced to flee the country by offering free travel on all routes, as well as free meals and cabin places onboard. Stena Line also provided aid organisations with free transport of supplies to Ukraine. During the months after the invasion, Stena Line helped more than 30,000 people on their journey to safety and security. Most of these refugees travelled via the Gdynia–Karlskrona line. In parallel, Stena Line’s ferries carried out more than 200 humanitarian transports of supplies to Ukraine.


Niclas Mårtensson, Stena Line’s MD, visited the Poland terminal in Gdynia in March 2022 to witness the relief efforts.


“I encountered teenagers who had been sent alone to another country, and mothers, children and grandparents who had travelled for days to get to safety. Day and night, my colleagues witnessed these human tragedies and responded by doing everything in their power to help. It is absolutely clear to me and my colleagues that both Stena Line as a company and we as individuals have a social responsibility to do what we can – and we have shown in practice what Care as a core value means for us.”


Stena Property has been involved in “relationship management” for many years. The goal is to create neighbourhoods where people can thrive, feel safe and want to work and live for a long time. One aspect is to contribute to early working lives, providing work experience and a first line on the CV. Since 2014, more than 3,500 young people have been offered jobs during summer and holiday periods by Stena Property in and around Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö. One clear effect is that both confidence in the future and a sense of responsibility for the neighbourhood are strengthened for these young people. Many holiday workers come back for several years – and some even as adults.

“We know that there are young people in and around our neighbourhoods who want to work, but they may not have the contacts, but we do”.
Cecilia Fredholm Vaarning, Head of Sustainable Business, Stena Property.


“My first summer job was with Stena Property at Lindängen and Hermodsdal. It was a fun job with varying tasks. I mainly worked with gardening, and there was also some painting work, and of course the stores were emptied. What I particularly enjoyed, looking back after 20 years, is that some of us who worked together during the summer became colleagues here at Stena,” says Jens Celind, Property Manager.