Today, the 2nd of May 2019, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for Masthuggskajen. Ribbons were tied both symbolically and literally, marking the start of construction of Gothenburg’snew city district. Here at Masthuggskajen, Stena Fastigheter Gothenburg will build the housing and office complexes of the future in this historic Stena area.


“We are building for the future in what for us is a historic place. We are developing Masthuggskajen with a focus on those who will live, work and spend time in this area. Here, the urban Gothenburg resident will be able to live in a sustainable, smart way in the heart of the cultural and creative part of the city,” says Agneta Kores, CEO Stena Fastigheter Gothenburg.


Masthuggskajen will be developed into a vibrant district along the Göta River, a place full of contrasts. A mixture of old and new, grandiose and small-scale, global and local. Here, 600 Gothenburgresidents will come to live and 2,700 to work in Stena Fastigheter’s buildings, and many more will visit the new district, brimming with restaurants, cafes, small boutiques and businesses. Throughout the district, a total of 1,300 residential units, 6,000 workplaces, restaurants, pre-schools and hotels will emerge in the coming years.


City Planning Director Henry Kant initiated the groundbreaking ceremony by describing Masthuggskajen’s role in the city’s development as a new district that will allow the centre to grow and bring us closer to the water. Masthuggskajen will be a mixed urban environment that cares for the cultural heritage of the area.


During the ceremony, various stakeholders spoke of how it will be to live, work and visit Masthuggskajen, and how, together, we will develop an area with a focus on sustainability and inclusion. Agneta Kores from Stena Fastigheter spoke about the importance of taking advantage of the positive values ​​that already exist in the area and how to build on these further.


“Masthuggskajen has been Stena’s home for over 50 years; it’s here we have our heart. We want to give both today and tomorrow’s Gothenburg residents and visitors back the maritime city of Gothenburg and to recreate life on the dock. We are developing a place for creative, sustainable city life. For us, sustainable urban development takes advantage of what is good and adds new value, which lasts over the long term.”


The zoning for Masthuggskajen has been approved, which means that construction work can begin. Stena Fastigheter Gothenburg will build 300 rental apartments and 30,000 square metres of facilities that house restaurants, shops and services of all kinds. First up will be the block Värmlandsgatan, closest to Denmarksterminalen, where 6,500 square metres of new office space will be created. Construction is scheduled to begin in autumn 2019.


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